Hair Extensions

Ever wondered how celebrities have short hair one day, and then beautiful long, lushes locks the next! The answer is’s with Hair Extensions! They all do it – Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria – just to name a few!

So now you can look like a celebrity too, or you may just have a special occasion coming up and want some extra length or thickness added to your hair.

Syltoria Hair Glamour, at Cronulla can offer you two types of hair extensions:

1. Permanent - Can be bonded or beaded into your hair and will last as long as you maintain them.

2.  Temporary - We have clip in DIVA extensions that you can use for 1 night, and keep them for other special occasions.


Benefits of Syltoria Hair Extensions

  • *  All our Hair Extensions are use 100% Human Hair

  • *  Every customer receives a FREE CONSULATION from our Hair Extension Specialist

  • *  Our service also includes colouring your extensions, so they match your hair perfectly

  • *  We also can cut your Hair Extensions INTO your hair so they look more natural

Our prices are reasonable, and we have different pricing options

Appointments are essential, so please call 9544 0171 in advance so we can make an appointment with our Hair Extension Specialist for your FREE CONSULTATION.