Jeval Colours




Syltoria Hair Glamour at Cronulla is proud to use Jeval Hair Colour direct from Italy.

Not only does Jeval produce vibrant, long lasting colours, but in today’s environmentally conscious age it is one the few brands that places special emphasis on blending technology with ecology.

Known as ‘The Natural Technology’, Jeval is an environmentally friendly hair colour formulated with a natural botanical plant base and respect for the environment,


Benefits of Jeval Hair Colour


Natural Botanical Plant Base

  • *   Kind and gentle to hair and scalp.
  • *   Preserves hair during colouring process.
  • *   Makes hair soft, shinny and tangle free as it contains vegetable extracts that re-balance the hydro-lipic value of your hair.



Low Ammonia Hair Colour

  • *   Most Jeval tints are AMMONIA FREE, and the few that do have less than 1% ammonia, so Jeval is great for people with sensitive skin or scalps.
  • *   Leaves hair healthy and shinny as there is less swelling to cuticle of hair and better colour decomposition and durability.



Extensive Choice of Colours

  • *  With 108 colours in the Jeval range, you can be sure to find a colour you love at Syltoria Hair Glamour.
  • *  Colours range from natural, ash, blue, gold, golden beige, violet gold, tobacco, chocolate, caramel, copper, copper gold, solar, copper, mahogany red, copper mahogany, violet, red violet, deep red, red copper, super lift blonde, extreme lift blonde, fashion palette range, reinforcers and high fashion toners.



100% Grey Coverage

  • *  You don’t have to worry about stubborn greys with the Jeval colour range. These hair colours have great coverage for greys and provide a longer lasting effect, as a result of better colour absorption due to smaller weight colour pigments.



Longer Lasting Hair Colour & Even Hair Shades

  • *   Jeval colours don’t tend to fade, so your hair will always look vibrant because of the combination of hydrolysed grain protein which is derived from wheat and silicon copolymer.
  • *   Jeval Hair Colour also provides a more even coverage because the colour remains anchored to the hair.


Increased Hair Elasticity

  • *   With Jeval Colour your hair is nourished and conditioned during the colouring process, which increases hair elasticity, because this hair colour is combined with vegetable liposomes and high protein vitamin D-Panthanol B5 liposome.


Check out our Jeval Video Clip on Youtube